The purpose of NCMF is to provide a forum for the sharing of knowledge between financial institutions, corporates and public institutions and their financial and legal advisers engaged in the Nordic debt capital markets, and to facilitate and strengthen professional relations between the participants in these markets. NCMF is a non-profit organisation. To view NCMF’s Articles of Association, click here. Each year NCMF arranges a number of seminars and other events in the Nordic capitals, drawing on the knowledge and experience of regional players, international experts, regulators etc. For further information about past events, please visit past events. NCMF was founded in 2006 in Copenhagen. Since then the membership has grown rapidly and NCMF now counts some 100 member institutions. NCMF encourages member involvement and welcomes feedback on past events and suggestions for future events. To contact the secretariat, please see the contact info in the top right corner.

The Board of NCMF

  • Anna Iversen Photo Black and White Anna Iversen, Amunet Partners LLP
  • Remonda Zahdeh Kirketerp-Møller, muinmos ApS Remonda Zahdeh Kirketerp-Møller, muinmos ApS
  • Soren Plesner, SPFK Financial Knowhow Soren Plesner, SPFK Financial Knowhow
  • Nora Kjaer-Christensen, Gorrissen Federspiel Nora Kjaer-Christensen, Gorrissen Federspiel
  • Mattias Lampe,  Mannheimer Swartling Mattias Lampe, Mannheimer Swartling
  • Anna von Knorring,  State Treasury Finland Anna von Knorring, State Treasury Finland
  • Martin Kihlberg, Landshypotek Bank Martin Kihlberg, Landshypotek Bank
  • Sari Wallgren, Avance Attorneys Sari Wallgren, Avance Attorneys
  • Jo Forfang, Nordic Trustee Jo Forfang, Nordic Trustee
  • Erling-Amundsen (002) Erling Kaurin Amundsen, SEB Oslo Branch
  • Markus Nilssen picture to website Markus Nilssen, Advokatfirmaet BAHR AS